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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil & The Presidency"

As a follow-on both to yesterday's post about the latest Commmunications Arts Interactive Annual, and an earlier post about the PBS program "Trail of Tears," I'd call attention to the DVD for middle school and high school teachers that PBS created to accompany its 2008 documentary, "Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil & the Presidency."

The Andrew Jackson DVD was one of the 35 winners in this year's Interactive Annual. Ranee Chung, one of the jurors and an interactive designer herself, described the DVD as
A wonderful companion piece to the PBS series. With a clean, straightforward interface, it's easy to digest and navigate the wealth of information available, and just as simple to tailor a lesson plan for students or to save content for later reading.
In other words, even if you are not teaching in a middle or high school, you can explore this DVD as a model for your own DVD-based multimedia projects.

The connection to the "Trail of Tears" program (the third part of the five-part "We Shall Remain" series) lies in Andrew Jackson's role as the implacable force behind the removal of southeastern Indian tribes to territory west of the Mississippi.


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