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Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Collection of Non-Profit Case Studies

The Institute for Nonprofit Organization Management (INOM) at the University of San Francisco has compiled several types of teaching resources, all freely downloadable as pdf files for use in training and development of nonprofits' managers:
  • Case studies — A searchable group of over 100 case studies. Though all of the cases date to the 1992-2000 period, the lack of recency is generally not a problem because the situations depicted are timeless (e.g., conflict between a music organization's board president and its artistic director).1

  • Course syllabi — for both certificate and degree programs.

  • Curriculum materials developed by the Nonprofit Leadership and Democracy Project of the Union Institute Center for Public Policy.
I've spent some time looking through the case studies and offer the following as representative examples of what's available:

"New Stage Theatre" deals with "the special problems that nonprofit organizations have in developing budgets and devising management accounting systems." Teaching notes at the end offer suggested responses to the half dozen discussion questions that follow the case scenario.

"The Sports Medicine Program at St. Mary's Hospital" in just three pages of text provides a rich and realistic scenario for analysis. The situation presents both financial and HR issues.

"Where Loyalties Lie" raises fundamental questions about how a nonprofit should seek and use funds.

1 The case studies are sorted among the following categories (not mutually exclusive): Arts management, Ethics, Evaluation, Financial management, General management, Governance, Health administration, Human resources management, International, Marketing, Museum management, Organizational behavior, Public relations, Resource development, Strategic planning, and University administration.


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