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Monday, October 05, 2009

Modern Advice on Getting Recruiter Attention

On October 2, Traci Armstrong and Tracy Coté posted at BNET.com a set of seven concrete tips "for helping hiring managers find your resume online." Anyone searching for a job would benefit from acting on this advice.

In brief:
  1. There are a number of sites, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, where you need to establish an attractive presence. Armstrong and Cote also suggest setting up your own web page, on which you can then post your resume.

  2. Carefully choose keywords relating to your skills, experience, and work history that match the keywords you anticipate recruiters with suitable jobs will be searching on.

  3. Use a version of your name that is reasonably distinctive. (This particular tip is one I won't be following since I've always enjoyed having a simple name. Instead, I depend on my company name to make me stand out.)

  4. Participate in social media interactions. Consider doing some blogging, perhaps as a guest on an established blog that's relevant to your field and interests.

  5. If you're blogging, and you have creative work you can show off, go beyond simply demonstrating your writing skills. I.e., include photographs, illustrations, etc. Give them informative captions and suitable tags. Also, "make sure all of your digital profiles link to your blog, driving traffic to it and improving your Google ranking."

  6. Tweet and encourage re-tweets. The more click-throughs you get, the higher your Google ranking.

  7. Join groups. "Look for like-minded people in your industry and find ways to interact. Be open about your job seach, join discussions, answer questions and post links to valuable content ..."
The name of the game is making it highly probable that you, your resume, and samples of your work will surface when recruiters you'd like a chance to talk to are searching for promising-looking individuals to contact.


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