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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Laughter is the Best Medicine XXIV: From the Newsroom

Peridically, I have a look around the Internet to see if I can turn up any G-rated office humor for my proudly staid blog. Invariably, it's slim pickings. Most of the amusement either isn't actually funny (a problem shared with the cartoons in the Harvard Business Review and the Wall Street Journal), or it's too racy to suit my purposes.

However, today I've hit paydirt. At the Facebook page "Overheard in the Newsroom," status entry #1686 reports this remark from a young visitor:

Home-school kid on tour of newsroom to copy editors/paginators: “So basically... your job is a bunch of clicking.”

Several of the responses from "fans" of the page are also worth quoting:

I had a fourth-grade kid on a tour ask "So if a guy shot someone's face off with a bazooka would you have a story about it?"

Designers just don't click ... They also draw boxes.

My wife used to ask why I came home tired after 8 or 10 or however many hours on the copy desk, "all you do is sit there and push a few buttons." Then she got a job there, too. She didn't ask anymore.

I always described being a graphic designer as doing 'executive colouring in'.

wow - remember when we actually *went* somewhere to do interviews??

The woman who gave tours at my former job told people all the copy desk did was cut and paste.

Darn, why is clicking so hard?


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