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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Entrepreneurship Corner at Stanford

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program has created a website they call the Entrepreneurship Corner (ECorner), designed "to support and encourage faculty around the world who teach entrepreneurship to future scientists and engineers, as well as those in management and other disciplines."

ECorner provides access to a collection of videos and podcasts relating to all aspects of entrepreneurship. (There are also few books listed, but to actually look at one of these books, you have to go elsewhere, e.g., to Amazon.) Anyone can access these resources after registering at the ECorner site.

There are four ways to browse the ECorner resources.

1. You can browse by topic:
  • Creativity and innovation

  • Opportunity recognition

  • Product development

  • Marketing and sales

  • Finance and venture capital

  • Leadership and adversity

  • Team and culture

  • Globalization

  • Social entrepreneurship

  • Career and life balance
2. You can browse via a list of 21 keywords (Innovations, Stages, Assumptions, etc.) randomly selected from those that have been used to tag the ECorner resources. By clicking on "View more keywords..." you can generate a fresh list of 21 keywords whenever you like.

3. There are four special collections of resources:
  • "Invention to Venture" — resources designed specifically for the participants in the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance Invention 2 Venture program.

  • "Technology Ventures" — the videos that are on the DVD that accompanies the textbook Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise, by Richard Dorf and Thomas Byers.

  • "The Stanford Challenge" — "... a five-year campaign aimed at seeking solutions to complex global problems and educating the next generation of leaders." Topics include: environmental sustainability, human health, international affairs, K-12 education, the arts, and graduate and undergraduate education.

  • "Social Edge Collection" — Social Edge is a "global online community where social entrepreneurs and other practitioners of the social benefit sector connect to network, learn, inspire and share resources."
4. You can browse by speaker. A clickable list of speakers is here.


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