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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Using an Audience Response System

At www.audienceresponselearning.com, you can get a helpful summary of the wide variety of questions that can be incorporated into training sessions in which participants are equipped with wireless audience response keypads.

The website is the handiwork of Will Thalheimer, a PhD researcher and practitioner who makes it his business to publicize research-based recommendations for training design and implementation, a subject close to my heart.

Thalheimer's audience response site also exhaustively lists the benefits of using questions in a training session.

For a more complete compilation of knowledge concerning effective audience response questioning strategies, you can download Thalheimer's 124-page report on the subject.

Finally, you can read an illuminating interview with Thalheimer here. (The article on misuse of interactivity that Thalheimer mentions in the interview is here.)


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