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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Huaqing Hot Springs

one of my brothers, a high school math teacher in Baltimore County, is currently in the middle of a five-week visit to China. He is there with another teacher and ten students taking part in an exchange program with a school in the city of Xi'an.

Xi'an is most famous for the terracotta warriors that were unearthed in a rural area near the city in 1974. My brother's group visited the warriors site today, and then went on the the Huaqing Hot Springs, a place I'd not heard of before, though I gather it's regularly included on Xi'an tourist itineraries.

While waiting for my brother to share his own photos of Huaqing, I had a look at images available on the Net, a couple of which are below.

The Dragon Fountains at the Huaqing Palace
Source: MichaelJM

One of the Huaqing pools, with Lishan Mountain in the background
Source: bechamel

One of the visiting American students is keeping a blog during the trip, which you can read here.