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Saturday, April 05, 2008

How to Break a Negotiation Impasse

In a review of Martin Latz's 2004 book, Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want, Cindy Fazzi recaps Latz's top 10 ways of seeking to break an impasse:
  • Get or share more information. Ask more questions and recognize the value in answering your counterpart's questions.

  • Switch objective criteria. For example, a home buyer may switch justification from focusing on a home's market value to the seller's profits.

  • Prioritize needs and interests. Make a list to stay focused.

  • Brainstorm options. Explore creative solutions.

  • Set deadlines. Agreeing to deadlines increases the likelihood parties will act and move.

  • Temporarily put the issue aside. Revisit it after gaining some momentum by agreeing on minor issues.

  • Take a break. Time away from the table can help parties regain composure and reassess issues.

  • Move up the chain. If your counterpart doesn't have the authority to concede anymore, ask to speak with the boss.

  • Pick a fair alternative process. For example, asking an independent third party to arbitrate or mediate can help.

  • Concede. While possibly your last choice, it may still be in your interest if making no deal leaves you worse off.
You can learn more about Martin Latz's ideas for successful negotiation at the Latz Negotiation Institute website.