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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Training in South Africa

You can get a quick introduction to how South Africa is approaching the need to build people's skills, and to do so in a way that redresses injustices of the apartheid era, by reading the March 10 article by Anne Newman, Nkhabele Marumo, Lynn Hunt, and Catherine Mercer Bing of ITAP International posted at the Training magazine website (and published in somewhat abbreviated form in the March/April issue of the magazine).

A key point is that the Sectional Educational Training Authorities (SETAs) established under the Skills Development Act are getting considerable criticism from businesses whose needs for skilled workers the SETAs are supposed to address by helping to standardize and accredit training programs and by funding worker training that is effective in increasing participants' employability and productivity. As the Training article notes, restructuring of the SETAs is likely in the near future.

[A note about an acronym in the Training article: "FMCG" refers to fast moving consumer goods, aka consumer packaged goods.]


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