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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Navy Virtual Reality Training

You can get an idea of what the US Navy has been doing recently to improve its use of simulation for training by visiting the official site describing how the USS Trayer, a replica of a guided-missile destroyer, is used as an immersive environment (no pun intended) for training Navy recruits.

Navy recruits aboard the USS Thayer, a replica destroyer used in virtual reality training

The Navy's "Battle Stations 21" set-up takes recruits through 17 scenarios that give practice in problem-solving and use of communications and other skills:
  1. Mission brief/Move aboard

  2. Stores on load/off load

  3. Line handling

  4. Main/Auxiliary watch

  5. Roving security

  6. Bridge watch

  7. Lookout

  8. Casualty Control Station

  9. Prepare for General Quarters

  10. Firefighting

  11. Flooding

  12. Mass casualty

  13. Emergency egress

  14. Man overboard

  15. Compartment check-off list

  16. Ship maintenance

  17. Capping ceremony
To maximize training impact, the recruits experience realistic consequences of their decisions and actions.

I have not yet found reports of the actual effectiveness of the Battle Stations 21 training (full use was only scheduled to begin last June), but will be on the lookout for same.


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