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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SupraSphere's Archiving Capabilities

Boston-based SupraSphere, Inc. has created a software system that, according to founder David Thomson's Project Outline, has as its goal:
to integrate numerous communication types in a single interface, where data is stored in a secure “Personal Cloud” (PC), accessible anywhere from any device, but centralized and federated around the individual. A single individual might have multiple servers or virtual dedicated servers that hold their profile and data, where everything is automatically backed up and intelligently routed according to usage behavior.
This is clearly an ambitious conception. For the time being, my interest is focused on how the software enables a person to tag all sorts of information — documents, web pages, bookmarks, instant messages, and email (which is "slow, hard to manage, poorly archived, and less secure" than a SupraSphere Personal Cloud) — in a way that creates a contextual, searchable archive.

Since the tagged (indexed) information can be made available to a group or team, SupraSphere provides a "secure, real-time gateway to the knowledge within your organization."


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