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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Examples of Intranet Use of Wikis and Blogs

For some practical ideas concerning internal use of blogs and wikis, you can have a look at a January 2005 presentation (38 slides) put together by Nick Finck and Mary Hodder, information architects, and Biz Stone, who works on Google's Blogger product. (I came upon their presentation while trolling through the ItrainOnline portal mentioned in a previous post.)

Finck, Hodder and Stone address the ways in which blogs and wikis can enhance an organization's internal communications and knowledge management. They discuss:
  • The benefits each tool provides (including some ideas concerning external participation on a company wiki)

  • Illustrated firsthand examples of how organizations use blogs and wikis

  • How self-organizing communities can benefit an organization
Seeing is believing. If you aren't yet persuaded of the possibilities blogs and wikis offer for facilitating teamwork and keeping employees informed and engaged, concrete examples like those Finck, Hodder and Stone provide can help demonstrate that these are real tools, not toys.


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