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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The ItrainOnline Portal

ItrainOnline is a well-maintained portal of resources for people looking for help in better utilizing information and communications technologies. Though specifically targeted to development organizations and civil society groups, the resources offer much of value to anyone in need of technical help.

Here's an outline of what the site includes:

Basic skills
Computer basics
Office productivity software
Internet and e-mail basics
Finding information on the Internet

Strategic use of information
and communication technologies

Strategic use of the Internet
Building online communities
Multilingual computing
Open source and open content

Web development
Web design
Web site management
Web site usability and accessibility
Web programming

Audio online
Video online

Technical issues
Online security
Computer networking
Wireless networking
Web programming

Resources for trainers
Effective training
Topic-specific resources
ItrainOnline Multimedia Training Kit