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Sunday, September 24, 2006

21st-Century Journalism XII: Additional Comments

An additional half dozen comments on journalism from Spring and Summer in the Freedom Forum's 2006 First Amendment Calendar:

"Trying to be a first-rate reporter on the average American newspaper is like trying to play Bach's 'St. Matthew Passion' on a ukulele. The instrument is too crude for the work, for the audience and for the performer." -- Ben Bagdikian (professor, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism)

"The doctors told me this morning my blood pressure is down so low that I can start reading the newspapers and watching the TV news." -- Ronald Reagan

"The journalist's job is to chronicle and comment on the day's intelligence. That means leaving out a lot of stuff that good judgment tells you is unworthy of being repeated. It also means including a lot of stuff some people would prefer not to know, but we should tell them anyway." -- Edward Mullins (professor of communications, University of Alabama)

"Everything has a story about it. You just have to be able to see it." -- Jerry Gay (photojournalist)

"The blogosphere is tough. But are personal attacks worth it if what we get in return is a whole new media form that can add to the true information flow while correcting the biases and lapses of the mainstream media? Yes. Of course." -- Peggy Noonan (in the Wall Street Journal)

"Bias, like beauty, is often in the eye of the beholder. Facts are your firewall against bias." -- Tom Brokaw