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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Missteps to Avoid in Job Interviews

In one handy package, Adriana Gardella provides a list of seven mistakes to avoid in a job interview, each illustrated with a telling example.

The mistakes are:
  1. Being rude or otherwise behaving badly in front of low-level employees (e.g., the receptionist).

  2. Telling the interviewer too much about your life circumstances, such as your medical situation or your childcare hassles.

  3. Assuming your resume speaks for itself.

  4. Taking phone calls and checking for incoming messages during the interview. (It's hard to believe that people actually do this, but take it from Gardella, they do.)

  5. Suggesting that the job you're interviewing for is beneath you.

  6. Following up on the interview too aggressively, i.e., leaving multiple messages to inquire how the company is progressing with their decision-making.

  7. Being sloppy in the written messages you send to the prospective employer, whether through snail mail, email, text messaging, or social media such as Facebook. Always proofread before sending.
By all means, if you're in the job market, give Gardella's advisory a read because doing so can put important interviewing "don'ts" at the front of your mind.