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Monday, January 18, 2010

Academic Earth Update

Last February, I wrote a brief post calling attention to Academic Earth, a portal for videos of college lectures that was then in beta. The site is now fully functional and has notably expanded the number of universities and courses it covers.

The unversities — with the added schools marked with asterisks — are:


The list of subject areas is also a bit longer now (added subjects are marked with asterisks):

      AP Test Prep*
      Computer Science
      Environmental Studies*
      International Relations*
      Literature (broadened from "English")
      Media Studies*
      Political Science
      Religious Studies (used to be "Religion")

I haven't personally sampled many of these courses, but can recommend "Building Dynamic Websites," taught by David J. Malan, a lecturer on computer science at Harvard College, to anyone interested in relatively advanced website development. The syllabus is here.

For a more basic treatment of computers and the internet, you can try Prof. Malan's Harvard Extension School course, "Understanding Computers and the Internet." The syllabus is here (pdf).