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Sunday, November 29, 2009

MIT Course on Project Management I: Training

This past spring Fred Moavenzadeh, a professor of systems engineering and civil and environmental engineering at MIT, taught a course in Project Management whose PowerPoint lecture notes (along with other materials) are now available at MIT's OpenCourseWare website.

In this and a few subsequent posts, I'll highlight items that I found of particular interest that are also understandable to someone accessing the PowerPoint slides online without the benefit of hearing Prof. Moavenzadeh talk about them in class.

The graphic below, from lecture 22 (pdf), shows a three-tier program for training engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) project managers.

Training for EPC Project Management
(click to enlarge)
(Infrastructure World LLC,
via Prof. Fred Moavenazdeh)
If I were in Prof. Moavenazdeh's class, I would ask for details about the curriculum for Tier III, a matter of some importance since moving engineers more or less smoothly from technical roles to general management is a notoriously


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