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Monday, November 23, 2009

HP Beginning Excel 2007 Course

If you want a well-structured introduction to Microsoft's Excel 2007, I can recommend the course Hewlett Packard offers at their online learning center.

The course consists of four lessons, which you can complete in just a few hours (or, if you wish, tackle at a more leisurely pace). The lessons are:
  1. Getting started with Microsoft Excel 2007 — spreadsheet basics.

  2. Creating your first worksheet — entering data, editing existing data, entering repeating data efficiently, selecting and manipulating ranges (groups) of cells, and moving and copying data within a worksheet.

  3. Formula and function basics — introduction to use of simple math formulas (involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and exponentiation) and Excel's built-in functions (e.g., calculating an average).

  4. Formatting basics — simple text, cell, and page formatting.
Having worked through the course myself, I can attest to its clarity, intelligent choice of material to cover for beginning learners, good illustrations, and accuracy.

Once you have finished the introductory course, the HP Learning Center has several options for learning more about Excel, including an intermediate course. (Several of the Learning Center's Excel offerings are brief video clips showing how to complete specific tasks, such as creating a pivot table.)


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