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Monday, August 31, 2009

Dmitry Fadeyev on Web Usability Mistakes

Back in February, Dmitry Fadeyev posted a helpful description of "9 Common Usability Mistakes in Web Design" at the Smashing Magazine website. The mistakes in question are:
  1. Tiny clickable areas (a problem that's exacerbated when the user accesses a website on a mobile device)

  2. Pagination of running text simply to increase page views (but note that spreading text over several pages can reduce the likelihood that the web page will cause a crash on a mobile device)

  3. Duplicate page titles

  4. Content that is formatted and laid out in a way that makes it difficult to scan visually

  5. No contact information

  6. No search function

  7. Placing too much of the website's content behind a wall that can be breached only by registering

  8. Out-of-date permalinks that do not automatically redirect to the content's current location

  9. Long registration forms
Not only is Fadeyev's post itself worth reading — as fundamental guidance for people just taking up Web design, and as a refresher for more experienced designers — but so is Comment #78 from a certain Dr. Girlfriend, who explains how Firefox and Firefox plug-ins can mitigate each of the nine mistakes on Fadeyev's list.