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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oceaneering International's MIMIC Simulator

Prompted by an article by Bob Moschetta and Randy C. Consolo in the May 2009 issue of Chief Learning Officer magazine, I've looked up some of the details of the training that Oceaneering International, a company that "provides engineered services and products primarily for the offshore oil and gas industry," offers its employees.1 I was particularly interested in Oceaneering's use of simulators to train the technicians and operators who work with its remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

A screenshot from Oceaneering International's Modular Integrated Man-Machine Interaction & Control (MIMIC) simulator
(Oceaneering International, Inc.)

In addition to training, the simulators are used to plan equipment staging, develop procedures, validate equipment designs, and preview and assess projects. The simulators can "be configured to depict various levels of visibility, sonar noise, bottom type, surface action, and water current conditions." The scenarios used for training can also be designed at different levels of difficulty — "from novice oriented basic navigation to advanced skill oriented scenario rehearsal."

Oceaneering's training program includes a range of technical, operational, and supervisory courses in a curriculum that is aimed at steadily increasing productivity and efficiency at the company. Employees are directed to suitable courses be tracking their current skills — and skills gaps — in a talent management system acquired from LearnShare.

According to Frank Klein, Oceaneering's worldwide competency and development manager for the ROV Group, keeping individual employees' talent and learning profiles up-to-date enables the company to make informed team assignments and promotions, while also informing employees of what is expected of them, so they have "control of their destiny and a strategy for promotion."

1 Bob Moschetta is vice president of health, safety, and environment at Oceaneering International. Randy Consolo is vice president of business development at LearnShare, the company that supplied Oceaneering with its learning management and talent management systems.


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