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Thursday, April 23, 2009

An Ad Agency's Business Development Scorecard

The Cambridge-based advertising agency PJA has drawn up a scorecard (pdf) for its business development efforts that can serve as a model for other agencies and as a discussion-starter for companies in any industry that want to systematically improve their approach to bringing in new customers.

The scorecard has five sections:
  • The Plan

  • Positioning

  • The Pipeline

  • The Pitch

  • Perception/Reputation
Within each section are three or four items to be used in assessing the current quality of business development efforts. For example, the items in the Positioning section are:

We have a positioning statement

A majority of agency staffers can summarize agency positioning

Our positioning deliberately excludes market categories or capabilities that are not areas of strength

The assessment is on a scale of 1 to 5:

1   "Not on your life"
2   "We have some work to do"
3   "I'd give us a solid 'C' "
4   "Pretty damned sure"
5   "Absolutely"

Obviously, you can adopt your own labels for the rating scale if the cutesy agency lingo doesn't appeal.


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