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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Beverly Weinstein's Advice for Telephone Interviews

Who better to advise on how to handle a telephone interview — an increasingly common step in the recruitment process — than an experienced recruiter?

Beverly Weinstein is president of Markham Media, an executive search firm that specializes in working with media and advertising organizations. Today she published a column at Media Daily News addressing the question "How Should I Prepare For A Phone Interview?"

The tips she offers, collected from "some recruiter colleagues, HR professionals and a scattering of clients," actually cover both preparation for the interview and the interview itself.

All of the advice is sensible. For myself, I particularly noted the caution to "keep it concise," a rule I violated — as I learned from subsequent feedback — in a less-than-successful phone interview I did a number of years ago.

(For tips addressed to recruiters planning to conduct telephone interviews, you can have a look at this BNET.com article.)