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Friday, December 12, 2008

An Oracle White Paper

As a follow-on to my recent post on how to write white papers, I'd like to cite another example of good practice.

This is a white paper (pdf) Oracle published in November 2004 that I came upon as I was looking through material dealing with operation of contact centers, an area of particular interest for me in the coming year.

"Usability in Enterprise Customer Service Applications: The Impact to Productivity, Customer Satisfaction, and Profitablility" addresses the usability criteria that are central to the design of the software that customer service representatives use:
  • An interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate

  • Access to complete — enterprise-wide — customer information

  • Convenient creation and updating of an easy-to-use knowledge base

  • Intelligent guidance to the CSR on how to work through the steps in a task
From these criteria, the paper derives the questions a company investigating options for CSR software (or customer relationship/experience management software) should investigate:

How was the application designed? Who was involved? Users?

How easy is the application to learn and use?

Does the application support enterprise-wide business processes?

Can the application support your specific business processes? Is it configurable to match your processes (as opposed to your having to adjust your processes to fit the software)?

Does the application provide intelligent guidance to the CSR as he/she works with a customer?

Has the application been thoroughly tested? What were the results — in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and user satisfaction?

The final section of the white paper makes the case that the Oracle's PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM products fulfill the aforementioned usability criteria at a high level of fidelity.


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