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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting an Employee's Manager on Board with a Training Program

My latest find, as I keep a lookout for practical and credible advice that fellow training practitioners are offering, is an article by Jeffrey Berk, COO of KnowledgeAdvisors.

In the article, Berk concisely lays out ten best practices for managers whose employees are attending training programs. His list fits my own views, and I encourage taking a look.

To help with improving the results obtained from training, Berk also suggests a half dozen questions to ask when a learner comes back from a program:
  1. What percent of learning actually was applied to the job?

  2. When did the learner apply the learning (e.g., time-to-job impact)?

  3. What are the major barriers to applying the learning on the job?

  4. Did you set expectations with your manager before the learning event?

  5. Were you provided adequate resources to optimally apply the learning?

  6. Did you determine specific uses for the training after it took place?
This combination of best practices and evaluation questions from Berk both embodies useful guidance and illustrates how straightforwardly one can talk about training issues (i.e., no jargon is needed).


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