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Monday, August 04, 2008

Brazilian Companies Invest in Training

In its July 2 edition, the New York Times reported on the shortage of highly skilled workers that Brazilian companies are facing as the overall growth of the Brazilian economy moves along at a brisk pace of about 5% a year.

Because the Brazilian education system has not been providing the numbers of skilled workers that are needed, companies like Petrobras (oil), Vale (mining), Ultrapar (petrochemicals), and Embraer (aircraft) are making substantial investments in internal training programs. As Andrew Downie, author of the Times article, explains:
Some [companies] teach basic literacy and arithmetic to janitors and manual workers. Other more advanced courses help factory and production line workers better understand math, science and composition. And major companies are increasing the amount of on-the-job training they give to engineers and professionals.
Downie gives particular attention to Embraer's Engineering Specialization Program, instituted in 2001 because
company directors realized that with only three Brazilian universities offering courses in aeronautical engineering there would not be enough graduates available to help them design, build and sell planes in a rapidly growing market.

So the company created a program that selects the country’s best engineering graduates and puts them through an 18-month specialization course.
In June, Embraer opened a new Personnel Development Center at its plant in São José dos Campos. According to the company's press release (pdf), "The Center will be the focus of all of Embbraer's educational, training and development programs, thus optimizing logistics and the funds invested." One of the Center's two buildings will be the new site for the Engineering Specialization Program.


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