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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ideas for Enhancing Your PowerPoint Presentations

The slideshare.net site offers a wealth of searchable material that is easy to browse. As an example of what you can tap into, below is a slideshow uploaded by Mark Normand, Managing Director of Impress Training, a company in Singapore he founded. (You need Verson 9 of Flash Player installed to view the slideshow.)

Normand covers a range of topics:
  • Color

  • Composition (Normand favors the rule of thirds)

  • Templates

  • Reflections (a visual effect)

  • Glass and Shine (other visual effects)

  • Icons

  • Text & Bullets

  • Images

  • Animation – Motion Paths

  • Charts
Especially striking are the before and after examples Normand offers:
  • Slide 8

  • Slides 67 and 68

  • Slides 73-76 (pie chart)


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