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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thank you, Marc Brownstein

If it weren't for the pervasiveness of the problem, you'd think one would not have to point out that fiddling with your Blackberry or your laptop during a meeting is no more acceptable than sitting there reading your newspaper.

In a brief column posted at adage.com, Marc Brownstein, president of the Brownstein Group, a small marketing agency in Philadelphia, endorses the sentiment, hopefully growing, that laptops and wireless devices should be banned from meetings (except, perhaps, for a minute-taker's laptop).

Brownstein cites four benefits, though I'm sure you can think of more:
  • Your colleagues no longer will ask questions that have been already asked and answered, because they are paying attention.

  • Productivity will increase, because more ideas will be exchanged and problems resolved.

  • Rudeness levels will sink dramatically, and respect in the workplace will soar.

  • Face-to-face meetings will once again have relevance.
Bottom line: Let's reconfirm that everyone at a meeting is expected to listen and participate with undivided attention.


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