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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Project Globe IV: Business Leader Attribute Quiz

Back in 2006, I wrote a set of three posts on Project Globe, a study of the relationship between cultural expectations and effective leadership in 62 societal cultures.

As a way of familiarizing yourself with some of the learning produced by this research, you might want to try the interactive Business Leader Attribute Quiz developed by Grovewell LLC. The quiz consists of 12 items, each of which asks you to reflect on whether a specified attribute ("ambitious," "decisive," "class-conscious," etc.) is likely to be:
  • viewed in all cultures as contributing positively to effective leadership

  • viewed in all cultures as inhibiting effective leadership

  • culturally contingent, i.e., in some cultures viewed positively with respect to leadership effectiveness, and viewed negatively in others
Grovewell concludes the quiz with a reminder of the overall conclusion of the Project Globe researchers: "Leadership is in the 'eye of the beholder.' Leadership is a social label given to individuals if either (a) their personality, attributes, and behaviors sufficiently match the observer’s beliefs about leaders, or (b) the observer attributes group success or failure to the activities of perceived leaders."