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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Natalie Holder-Winfield on Maintaining a Diverse Workforce

The May 25 edition of the New York Times contained a brief interview with Natalie Holder-Winfield, a member of the New York and Connecticut bars and a diversity consultant, that undoubtedly covers just a few highlights of her recently published book, Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce. Still, the points that come out in the interview are well worth emphasizing, most importantly the proposition that "the critical issues that affect retention and promotion opportunities [are] access to quality work assignments and people who are dedicated to your professional development."

You can watch Holder-Winfield talking here about her views on how employers should go about ensuring that all employees have the same opportunity to contribute and are supported in their career development. (The interview goes up to about the 4:15 mark.) A review of Holder-Winfield's book is here.