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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Testimonial to Blogging

There is a tendency of some people to overgeneralize concerning the value of blogs, with the direction of generalization being decidedly negative. (See, for instance, this earlier post.) In fact, I encountered such dismissive overgeneralization in a conversation with one of my brothers just a few days ago.

Because so many thousands of blogs are, at best, of no interest to a particular individual and, at worst, of no value to anyone beyond the blogger himself/herself, blogging as a whole gets written off.

This refusal to pay attention — selectively — to the blogosphere amounts to passing up valuable opportunities to learn about subjects of interest, and to see how experts evaluate new information and ideas as they emerge.

For example, Andrew McAfee, an associate professor of business administration at the Harvard business school, wrote a post for his blog earlier this month explaining how his blog has helped him reach a large audience with his knowledge, ideas, and views concerning Enterprise 2.0. There are comparable examples of influential blogs in just about any area you'd care to mention. There are worse ways to spend time than monitoring a few blogs dealing expertly with subjects you want to stay up-to-date on.


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