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Monday, April 21, 2008

Data Visualization at Many-Eyes.com

Since January 2007, IBM's Visual Communication Lab, which is part of the company's Collaborative User Experience research group, has offered public access to many-eyes.com, a site that makes it easy to convert data sets into meaningful visualizations. The visualization types currently offered include:

World map (example)
Country maps (example)

Line graph (example
Stack graph (example)
Stack graph for categories (example)

Bar chart (example)
Block histogram (example)
Bubble chart (example)
Matrix chart (example)

Scatterplot (example)
Network diagram (example)

Parts of a whole
Pie chart (example)
Treemap (example)
Change treemap (description)

High-frequency words in a text
Tag cloud (example)
Word tree (example)

Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda B. ViƩgas of the Collaborative User Experience research group, offer a helpful discussion of Many Eyes and of its usefulness in collaborative problem-solving in a short article in the May 2008 issue of the Harvard Business Review.


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