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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Coaching in a Nutshell

Ever on the lookout for practical, plain English explanations of basic concepts relating to training and development, I was glad to come upon the description of a coach offered by the International Public Management Association for Human Resources (IPMA-HR).

As part of their answer to the question, "What are the differences between coaching and mentoring?" the IPMA-HR sums up the role of the coach as follows.

A coach:
  • Helps shift the world view of the client (the person being coached) in a way that opens up new possibilities for action.

  • Often draws on assessment data from the client and others to increase the client's awareness of areas for development and set goals and a plan for reaching them.

  • Assists the client in staying focused on an area of improvement or learning objective to achieve the desired outcome(s) or change.

  • Explores possibilities and potential resulting outcomes.

  • Helps the client identify values and passions and align them with professional goals.

  • Works with a client to discover the answers from within.

  • Listens, make inquiries, and observes/reflects.

  • Generally asks powerful, thought-provoking questions that tap the inherent wisdom and creativity of the client
Among the supplementary resources the IMPA-HR suggests, the coaching checklist offered by Health Science Center at Houston of the University of Texas is particularly useful.