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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Science Education at Second Life

Patricia Anderson (aka Perplexity Peccable at Second Life), a librarian at the University of Michigan Health Sciences Libraries, has produced the machinima and voice narration for the video below, which offers an overview of some of the learning environments that various organizations have created at Second Life. (Storyboarding was done by Anderson's colleague, Sharon Grayden, who works in dental informatics at Michigan's school of dentistry and is Vitesse Vella at Second Life.)

The video has seven segments:

0:10 The Science School — real-time data visualization

0:22 Second Nature — molecular structure

0:37 Genome Island — cellular components

1:00 ARC Research Center — anatomical structures

1:30 International Society for Technology in Education Auditorium — traditional teaching space

2:04 Genome Island — experiential learning environments

2:40 New Media Consortium Research Park — healthcare clinical simulation

You can go here to see the slides Patricia Anderson prepared for a presentation on "Why Work and Teach with Second Life."


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