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Friday, January 18, 2008

The Open Source Living Website

The elegantly simple Open Source Living website, which advertises itself as in beta, offers a convenient (though by no means exhaustive) compilation of links to free software, organized into the following categories:

Web++— web browsers, RSS readers, email clients, operating systems

Graphics & Photo — photo editing, vector graphics, 3D modeling

Video — media players, video editing, screencasts, DVD ripping & burning

Audio — audio players, podcasting, recording, MP3 & audio tools

Documents — word processing & office suites, note taking, personal finance

Content Management — blogging, portals, forums, wikis, e-learning

File Transfer — peer to peer, IRC, chat clients, file sharing & hosting

Web Dev — MySQL & PHP, web development references, source code editors, Flash

Entertainment — games, screensavers, stars & planetarium software

Miscellaneous — archiving, security, map tools, graph plotter

More and more organizations are recognizing that open source software can be a bargain — even when looking carefully at total cost of ownership relative to proprietary software — so keeping up-to-date on what is available makes eminent sense.


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