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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Open Yale Courses

"We hope these courses will be a resource for critical thinking, creative imagination, and intellectual exploration."

Yale University has joined the open courseware movement with an initial batch of seven liberal arts courses that are presented via downloadable videos of the professors' lectures, along with ancillary material, such as syllabi, class schedules, searchable transcripts of the lectures, mp3 audio versions of the lectures, problem sets, and course evaluations.

The seven Open Yale courses are:The Open Yale courses can be downloaded for non-commercial redistribution, remixing, and incorporation into other course material under a Creative Commons license, so long as Yale and the respective professor are given credit. Over the next 3 years, Yale plans to add about 30 more courses (all at the introductory undergraduate level).

You can read an informative write-up about Yale's initiative in the December 12 issue of Inside Higher Ed.