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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Laughter is the Best Medicine XIII: Thomas Edison, Wordsmith

It seems Thomas Edison was passionate about ... concrete. From anecdotage.com:
One of the metropolitan area's earliest and most outspoken concrete evangelists was Thomas Edison, who built a colossal portland-cement mill in New Village, New Jersey, in 1899, and whose lifetime list of a thousand and ninety-three United States patents includes forty-nine related directly to cement or concrete. For a few years in the early mneteen-hundreds, his company circulated a monthly brochure called The Edison Aggregate, and in 1926 it published an effusively hortatory promotional book called 'The Romance of Cement' (first chapter: 'The Eternal Romance of Cement')."
Bonus material:
Edison cement was used to make concrete for the original Yankee Stadium and for parts of the city's water-supply system. Edison also espoused concrete pianos, concrete phonograph players and concrete bedroom furniture, and pioneered a system enabling builders to cast an entire two-story concrete home (including a fireplace and bathroom fixtures) in a single pour. (Several such homes were build and are still inhabited by happy tenants.)
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