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Monday, August 06, 2007

Online Courses from the Small Business Administration

You can tap into a group of basic business courses offered online under the umbrella of the Small Business Administration by visiting the Small Business Training Network (SBTN) section of the SBA's website.

The courses, some of which are produced by cosponsors, some by SBA "resource partners," and some by the SBA itself, are sorted into eleven categories:
  • Starting a Business

  • Business Planning

  • Business Management

  • Financing & Accounting

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Government Contracting

  • Risk Management & Cyber Security

  • E-Commerce

  • International Trade

  • Federal Tax Training

  • Small Business Retirement
The most popular courses are Small Business Primer, Developing a Successful Business Plan, How to Write a Business Plan (Trump University), and Steps to Accessing [Government] Contracts and Subcontracts. (The last course does not seem to be available at the moment.)

The courses are generally about 30 minutes in length (but they're self-paced, so you can go faster or more slowly, as suits you). I worked my way through Building Your Website (produced by the South-West Texas Small Business Development Center) and found it quite well done -- well worth my time.


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