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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Organization Development Competencies - All 141 of Them

Though the list is long (141 items), and anybody referring to it for self-development will want to give concentrated attention to only a subset of items at any one time, the organization development (OD) competencies published in 2001 by the Organization Development Network is useful as a comprehensive view of what is involved in serving effectively as an organization development practitioner.

The first three-quarters of the list (108 items) consists of the more technical OD competencies, organized according to the phases and aspects of an OD effort:
  • Marketing

  • Enrolling

  • Contracting

  • Mini-assessment

  • Data gathering

  • Diagnosis

  • Feedback

  • Planning

  • Participation

  • Intervention

  • Evaluation

  • Follow-up

  • Adoption

  • Separation
The final quarter of the list (33 items) covers the softer skills an OD practitioner must cultivate. These competencies fall into the areas of:
  • Self-awareness

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Other soft skills (e.g., "Interpret cross-cultural influences in a helpful manner" and "Use the internet effectively")
I'd point out that the division between technical and soft skills is not a sharp one. For instance, a number of the skills in the early portion of the list — e.g., "Help the client trust the process" and "Deal effectively with resistance" — require strong interpersonal finesse.