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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

John Kotter's 8-Step Change Process

Among management advisories, none has stood the test of time better than the 8-step process for change management that John Kotter, a professor at the Harvard business school, laid out in his 1996 book, Leading Change.

The eight steps are:
  1. Increase the feeling that change is an urgent necessity

  2. Build the guiding team

  3. Get the vision right

  4. Communicate for buy-in

  5. Empower a broad base of people to take action

  6. Create short-term wins

  7. Don't let up until the vision is reality

  8. Make the change stick by creating a supportive organizational culture
Neatly organized additional detail is provided at a website devoted to The Heart of Change: Real Life Stories of How People Change Their Organization, a 2002 follow-up to Leading Change.


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