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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Guidance on Planning Your Career

Among the myriad self-help books on managing your own career, one has stood out since it was published in 2001: What Every Successful Woman Knows: 12 Breakthrough Strategies to Get the Power and Ignite Your Career, by Janice Reals Ellig and William J. Morin.

I was introduced to the book by an article by Toddi Gutner in the December 24, 2001 issue of Business Week. Gutner summarizes the 12 strategies in a sidebar (here very slightly edited):
  1. Take stock of where you are and set goals for the future.

  2. Fit in and adapt before you initiate change.

  3. Make sure your job has profit-and-loss responsibility.

  4. Develop mutually useful relationships with your bosses.

  5. Create your own power base with people inside and outside the organization.

  6. Speak your mind, but be relevant.

  7. Build your brand and toot your own horn.

  8. Spend time on significant projects.

  9. Devote 80% of your time to working your job, 20% to managing your career.

  10. Have technical, business, and people skills.

  11. Be wise about office romances and follow established procedures to address sexual harassment.

  12. Act with authority: Communicate a vision, take risks, and make things happen.
Though the Ellig/Morin book is specifically addressed to women, the 12 strategies are basically unisex — another indication of their robustness.