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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A "Forum for Emerging Leaders"

As a follow-on to an earlier post, I'd like to call attention to leadership training at Scottsdale Insurance Company, information about which came my way compliments of Training magazine.

It is apparent from reading Training's write-up of the Scottsdale "Forum for Emerging Leaders" that the training emphasizes "focus on influence, not control," one of the key principles put forward by James Kelly and Scott Nadler, the experts on leadership cited in my earlier post. Indeed, Scottsdale explicitly decided that its leaders were those employees "viewed by others as being influential — either because they had a history of influencing others' decision-making or were being tapped frequently by others for their input, expertise or point of view." Note that the Scottsdale definition of leadership does not include any requirement that a person have direct reports.

Aside from the broadened definition of leadership Scottsdale uses, I was naturally interested to see what topics the leadership training gave primary attention to.

Chosen with the aid of the participants, these topics, in addition to leadership itself, were business acumen and negotiation skills.