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Friday, May 04, 2007

Business Acumen XIV: Business Week's Company Data

When it comes to freely available compilations of company data, the Company Insight Center being beta tested at BusinessWeek.com is well worth investigating.

The site covers 42,000 public companies and, with less extensive data, 322,000 private companies in the US and overseas. Information compiled for a given company includes:
  • financials

  • company and industry news

  • stock quotes from exchanges around the world

  • customizable stock price and volume charts (with the ability to compare the company to indexes and other companies you select)

  • charted return on investment in the company

  • key competitors

  • biographies of executives and board members

  • executive compensation
All the displayed information is heavily interlinked so, for example, you can easily switch from viewing information on Amazon to viewing information on a competitor such as Best Buy.