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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Help with Computer Security

Columbia University's Information Technology department has put together a well-organized, clearly written compilation of advice on how to maintain computer security. All areas are covered, including:
  • Keeping your operating system up-to-date

  • Use of a firewall

  • Anti-virus software

  • Avoiding spyware

  • Passwords

  • Physical security for hardware

  • Risks of using file-sharing software

  • Avoiding phishing scams

  • Backing up
The Columbia site can serve as a model for any organization's user documentation of security policies and procedures. Educating users on maintaining computer security is an ongoing necessity; handling this task in a user-friendly way is essential for maximizing compliance.

(I recognize that a prudent organization automates as much of its security regime as practical, rather than depending simply on user compliance. As a representative case study, you can read a brief article published by Network Computing describing what Dayton University is doing to protect its campus network.)


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