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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Utah State University Courses on eLearning

As part of the growing Open Courseware movement, Utah State University has uploaded to the Web quite useful materials for seven courses in the area of instructional technology, all dating from 2005 or 2006:
  • Producing Distance Education Resources — "Gain an understanding of Internet tools and technologies. Topics include the development of educational Web pages and sites; HTML and Dreamweaver; the role of online learning resources, digital libraries and associated tools; Internet-based conferencing and collaboration tools."

  • Learn and Apply HTML — "Learn how to create web pages using HTML. Learn FTP and how to publish web pages with it. Learn about accessibility and how to create accessible web sites. ... Learn how to insert graphics and multimedia elements. Get an overview of Java Script and learn how to include scripts in your web page. Create a form to gather information and have it submitted to you via a CGI script."

  • Blogs, Wikis, New Media for Learning — "This course is designed to help you understand and effectively use a variety of "web 2.0" technologies including blogs, RSS, wikis, social bookmarking tools, photo sharing tools, mapping tools, audio and video podcasts, and screencasts."

  • Computer Applications for Instruction and Training — "Introduction to basic computer applications on a Macintosh computer, with special emphasis on software that may be used in instruction and training. In this course, students will orient themselves to the Macintosh environment, get a brief overview of Macintosh-specific software, and learn the ... [instruction-oriented] basics of ... PowerPoint, Photoshop, GoLive, and iMovie."

  • Advanced Topics in Learning Object Design and Reuse — "[D]esigned to help you understand and apply advanced topics in the design, creation, and reuse of learning objects."

  • Understanding Online Interaction — [D]esigned to give you an introductory level of understanding of the manner in which individuals interact with one another via the network [sic] ... understanding [which] is absolutely critical to your ability to design effective learning environments on the network."

  • Instructional Games — "Gain exposure to the field of instructional games--the history, research, classification schemes and culture. Explore current research into instructional games and learning ... Become familiar with various design approaches for creating instructional games, with an emphasis on how to motivate the learner/game player."
Anyone can access these materials free of charge. I can attest that they are well worth browsing through to pick up ideas for effective elearning, specific knowledge about topics like HTML, and links to further resources.