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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Leadership Training at VF Corp.

You can read a first-hand report of the concentrated leadership training that VF Corp. (the company that brings us Wrangler and Lee jeans) provides its high-potential executives here. The report was written by self-proclaimed skeptic Nanette Byrnes and published in the November 20 issue of Business Week.

VFC's Leadership Institute uses a "boot camp" (i.e., intensive) style. It draws each session's 20-odd participants from a varying selection of the 40 countries in which VFC operates.

In her report, Byrnes has space to describe only a couple of the major components of the whole Leadership Institute experience. For myself, the most compelling conclusion she draws is that such a training program, when carefully planned, is a powerful way not only of honing modern leadership skills, but also of helping participants "bond with far-flung colleagues in a setting that affords more meaningful interaction than, say, a divisional cocktail party."


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