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Friday, November 03, 2006

Laughter is the Best Medicine III

My personal favorites from AdVerbatims:

"I don't think that's the colour of synergy."
(Agency senior strategy VP to designer)

"What does the Red Cross logo look like?"
(Client to designer for health services logo)

"I don't like the colors, plum and black don't work together." - "But you're wearing them."
(Agency designer to client marketing director)

"What we give you is what you get."
(Manager of agency graphic department to a client)

"I like it, but I just don't think a multinational company should be doing ads in felt tip."
(Client, on presentation of preliminary line drawing of a concept)

"Can we do this but in a round browser?"
(Agency creative director to his online team)

What’s going on? I do a search in the Family category images and I got a picture of two guys and a kid!”
(Agency production head)

“Before negotiating something, I practice in the shower.“
(Client marketing assistant)

“Can you change the word ‘exquisite’ on the ad? Words including the letter X are way too complicated.”
(Client marketing manager)

“Can’t you make that dog smile? Don’t you have a smile filter on this expensive machine?”
(Agency owner)

“How can you solve a major mess in 3 days? With promises, not with facts.”
(Agency account director)

“I’m sending you a 100 kilowatts photograph. Is it good for printing?”
(Client IT manager)

“Thinking in vain, that’s our business.”
(Agency account director)

“Guys! Good news! We have HIV!”
(Agency account director, announcing that a spot would be filmed in HD)

“What if we use those ´pop arts´ or banners from that guy…?”
(Agency content manager, confusing pop-up ads with Andy Warhol)

“It lacks branding but we can solve that with a voice over saying the name of the brand.”
(Agency account director, commenting on a jingle whose lyrics consist entirely of the name of the brand, sung 7 times, and the word “grapefruit” sung 4 times)

“No, we’ll save the cost of hosting by putting the website in my laptop. It’s not that heavy after all.”
(Client manager, refusing to pay for hosting)

“So we meet at the Photoshop at 3 pm, OK?”
(Client product manager)

“Problem: The bank is losing many of its retired clients. The main reason for this is their death. Objective: get those clients back.”
(extract from an ad brief)