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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Hallmarks of High-Performing Teams

If you want to assess your organization's teams, you can evaluate them against this checklist of the characteristics that high-performing teams exhibit:

          ✓ Leadership

          ✓ Clear mission

          ✓ Clear roles

          ✓ Goals and milestones

          ✓ Clear process and plan for achieving goals

          ✓ Communication process and effectiveness

          ✓ Input and ideas from everyone

          ✓ Listening

          ✓ Customer relationship-building

          ✓ Clarity of task

          ✓ Clear measurement

          ✓ Agreed behaviors clear and adhered to

          ✓ Team energy

          ✓ Empowering behaviors

          ✓ Feedback

          ✓ Continuous improvement and innovation

          ✓ Speed

Your evaluation can serve as a diagnostic process for determining any areas in which particular teams would benefit from supportive intervention.