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Monday, October 30, 2006

Learning Styles

There are several ways people learn:
  • by doing

  • by brainstorming

  • by problem solving

  • by integrating information with what the person already knows
The approach a particular person prefers depends on how the person likes to process new information, and what sort of information the person likes to work with.

These two factors are combined in the graphic below.

The How dimension distinguishes between preference for action and preference for reflection.
  • Action allows people to test ideas and gather new experiences.

  • Reflection allows people to examine their actions, compare them with existing interpretations, and create more effective interpretations to guide future actions.
The What dimension distinguishes between preference for facts and preference for feelings.
  • Some people prefer to deal with facts, data, theories, and information.

  • Others prefer intuition, feelings, stories, and experiences — their own and others'.
The moral of the story: To accelerate learning and improve communication, adapt your coaching and communication, as much as practical, to each person's preferences.


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